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DressiFIT was conceived on a cozy day on the couch during a “what’s next” conversation. We Women have a natural itch to shop, feel sexy, comfortable and excited for life’s events. An outfit for every occasion. How great is that? A company with an understanding of the ins and outs of women’s clothing. The fabrics, the sizes, our so-called flaws. Hide this, cover that. Big here, small there. Most importantly, feeling sexy and looking amazing. We created DressiFIT from a vision. We want to cater to our ladies and be there for every life’s event. “Cozy” to “I Do”. Being consumers ourselves and seeing the new world now, we want to make it easier to wear, affordable to buy while making it lighter in the pockets. At DressiFIT we believe in bringing full satisfaction. With a personal touch from an everyday person. DressiFIT will leave you feeling that we can FIT your life, while making you feel like you found the old or even discovered a new YOU.